“If you’re looking for a family that you’ve never had, choir is the place to be.”

Our choir members are people who have experienced homelessness, or are simply going through a tough time in their lives.

We want our choirs to provide a safe space where people can express themselves, without being labelled or judged. We aim for our choirs to help members build their confidence and skills, and make genuine, life long friendships, so that they are then in a better position to tackle the other challenges in their lives, and move away from homelessness long-term.

We also have an aim to reduce the stigma faced by our members in wider society.

During a particularly tough year, our choir managers and volunteers rose to the challenge and filled the gaps after many services closed their doors during lockdown. We moved our weekly rehearsals online and when restrictions eased, met up to sing in person in parks and public spaces in our choir cities.

To overcome the issue of digital exclusion among our members we launched a Digital Inclusion project (funded by Comic Relief and National Lottery Community Fund), supporting members to get online so they would join our rehearsals, as well as engage in the world around them. We also launched a Digital Champions programme offering training to members to help them get online and learn transferable skills for work and life beyond the pandemic.

This is how we're doing:

In 2020/21 :

  • We had 262 choir members join us for online or in person rehearsals
  • We delivered 192 rehearsals across our 4 choirs
  • Our staff and volunteers gave 229 members support via phone
  • We delivered 41 online workshops for people both with and without lived experience of homeless
  • We supported 110 members through our digital inclusion programme
  • 14 digital champions were enrolled through our digital inclusion programme
  • 57 volunteers offered support and a friendly ear to members throughout lockdown

We're really proud of our achievements, and would love to share them with you. 

Click HERE to view our Impact Report 2021.

(You can see Impact Reports from previous years at the bottom of this page)

What our members say

"If my life was a ladder, when I joined choir I was on the bottom rung. Choir is a really happy space - I’ve made a lot of life-long friends. Coming to choir was the start of me climbing up that ladder and becoming the confident person I am today."
Dan, Liverpool 

“People don’t realise that anybody can find themselves homeless for all sorts of reasons: I was lost and didn’t know how to find any direction. Quite simply, Choir with No Name has given me something to live for." Bill, Birmingham

"I first started going to the choir whilst I was in a hostel and not in the best place mentally - I had a lot of issues going on with family and other things. The Choir has actually saved my life without them even knowing it, because they helped lift me out of a dark place with their joyful and non-judgmental attitude and amazing friendly atmosphere. They helped me take my mind off everything and have no worries one night a week." Gareth, Liverpool

"Everyone is super friendly and welcoming that it comforts me, whatever my mood. I find it helpful emotionally, stabilising me whenever I am down." Brighton choir member

“The virtual choir rehearsals are really helping my mental health; I look forward to Monday evenings so much. It’s not just a choir, it's a real sense of community.” Isla, Brighton 

“At Choir everybody’s welcoming and we like to look after each other. I enjoy feeling like I can offer some support and guidance to other members, because I’ve been where they are. Since being in the choir I’ve managed to get through a difficult part of my life and now I feel able to say to others ‘this is what you can do, because this is what worked for me.” Steve, Bimingham

“In the CWNN everybody just smiles automatically, it creates something really beautiful.” Liverpool choir member

If you want to help us continue our work offering hope and harmony to those affected by homelessness, you can make a donation HERE