Workplace Workshops

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are currently unable to offer workplace wokrshops at the moment, however we can offer an online singing session for you and your team to get singing and stay connected. If you are interested in finding out more, contact

"My voice isn’t the best and I was a bit self-conscious. However, I was encouraged to participate and totally loved the experience. I didn’t appreciate how good singing can make you feel. I came away feeling totally uplifted and in a positive frame of mind"

At the Choir with No Name, we know that singing is brilliant for building confidence, relieving stress, making friends and having fun. For our members who’ve experienced homelessness, these are the aspects of being in a choir that enable them to flourish as individuals and get themselves back on their feet. 

We want as many people as possible to experience the power of singing together, and by hosting a Choir with No Name singing workshop at your office/factory/shop/farm (we're always open to new experiences!), you can bring that positivity directly into your workplace. 

We have over 12 years experience of running choirs, and have oodles of skills and expertise to share with you. Our previous clients have included NBC Universal, Octopus Investments, Google, KPMG and Newable. 

Singing is widely acknowledged for its positive effect on physical and mental health, and singing in a group has been proven be the most effective and speedy way to form social bonds. It also encourages inclusion and interaction, making it an ideal activity to develop broader social networks and encourage team building. With work place technologies fast replacing face-to-face interaction in the office environment, a workplace singing workshop can re-establish the value (and fun!) of human connectivity in an empowering and enjoyable way. Hosting a CWNN workshop or pop up choir can also feed into your corporate social responsibility strategy by supporting and working with people affected by homelessness in your local community.

We are currently able to facilitate workshops in and around London, Brighton, Birmingham and Liverpool, but even if you are outside those areas, give us a call!

"It was tons of fun, having just started at Newable it was a great way to make new friends at work whilst also making a difference to people affected by homelessness"
Richard, Management Accountant at Newable 

We offer a range of workshop options and are happy to chat through new ideas and approaches to suit you, although our key focus is always teambuilding and having a good time!  We bring a couple of our fabulous choir members along too, to make you feel welcome, tell you a bit about how brilliant singing together is, ease those 'first time singing in front of your workmates' nerves and show you how it's done!

Examples include:

1 hour informal and fun singing workshop (for 10-40 people): led by one of our professional choir directors, with support from our choir member ambassadors. The format is simple – the group learns a well-known song from start to finish and performs it at the end to their peers. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time, and the sense of fulfilment is very powerful!

4 week pop-up choir (for 15-50 people): meeting once a week for an hour, workshop participants will build their confidence and improve relationships with colleagues through developing a sense of community and shared achievement. This culminates in a performance of several songs to whoever is keen to come and listen! Led by a CWNN choir director and supported by choir ambassadors.

1 day song writing and performance extravaganza (15-40 people): a morning spent harnessing creativity and teambuilding alongside work colleagues. Following lunch, an afternoon session to learn the song before the world debut performance for colleagues or a wider audience! Led by a CWNN choir director and supported by choir ambassadors, approx. 5 hours.

This is not an exhaustive list! If you have another idea of how you think our singing and team building skills can work best for your team, let us know. We have workplace activities to suit all budgets from a small local business to large corporations, and all our costs include a donation to support our work. 

Call us now on 0207 202 6648 or email to find out more and have a chat with us about your needs and how we can best suit them!