Corporate partnerships

We're always keen to get companies involved with our work, and think that we have plenty to offer in return for your support. We’re a dynamic, upbeat charity with loads of character, a strong brand, a solid business plan (we know where we’re going), and most importantly, a proven track record in improving the lives of the most isolated and disadvantaged members of society.

We’re proud of our recent corporate partnerships, which include Civitas Social Housing and Octopus Giving. In each case we’ve got to know each other well, and have found that the relationships have become more and more valuable as we’ve gone along.

Ways to support us might include:

  • making a donation
  • sponsoring a gig
  • encouraging your staff to fundraise for us
  • making us your Charity of the Year
  • providing in-kind support, dependent on your area of business

If your company is interested in becoming a gig sponsor, please contact  for more details.

We can also offer workplace singing workshops, which is a really effective way to encourage team building and communication in the workplace, as well as social bonding for employees. It's also a huge amount of fun and gives you a chance to get to know us and our members, so if you're interested in a bespoke CWNN workshop, please do get in touch.

To discuss how we might be able to work together, please contact Rachel Clare on