Our mission

Everything we do is underpinned by our charity's vision, mission, and core values:

Our vision

That all people in our society will have a group of good friends with whom they can sing their hearts out

Our mission

To enable marginalised people to make friends, build their confidence and skills and find their place in society

Our values


For many of our choir members the support of family and friends is absent. At the Choir with No Name everyone is welcomed and made a fuss of, regardless to their background or life story. Our staff, volunteers and members support each other's endeavours, musical or otherwise.  We also strive to retain our family feel with our supporters and friends.


We create a relaxed atmosphere where members are encouraged to enjoy themselves!


We always put our members first and won't sacrifice their welfare for fame or fortune. We also strive for excellence in performance and expect the best from our singers, using top notch musicians to deliver that vision.


We like to establish positive relationships and work in partnership with other arts and vulnerable adults organisations. Our members are able to contribute to the direction of their choir through meaningful consultation (including having a voice at trustees' meetings).


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