Our mission

Everything we do is underpinned by our charity's vision, mission, and core values:

Our vision

All people going through tough times find a place to sing their hearts out, among friends.

Our mission

To empower as many homeless and marginalised people as possible to showcase their talents, build personal resilience and positive, joyful singing communities. 

Our values


Many of our choir members describe their choir as their family.  We aim to look after each other, and we retain our family feel through all of our work, including with external stakeholders and supporters.   


Belting out classic tunes and dancing together, sharing delicious food and jokes and finding somewhere to leave our troubles at the door is what we’re all about.   We want to empower our choir members to achieve serious change in their lives, but without taking ourselves too seriously! 


We are a warm and welcoming organisation and we want to be equally welcoming for everyone, regardless of background, characteristics or idiosyncrasies.  We want everyone involved in the Choir with No Name to feel they belong in our community. 


We will be fully transparent in all our work.  We won’t claim to have more impact than we do.  We will work hard and strive for excellence and ensure that the wellbeing of our people is central to all our decisions. 

You can download our full strategic plan 2021-24 below:

CWNN Strategic Plan 2021-24.pdf515.25 KB