Trustees & friends

I have never been much of a singer, in fact my kids regularly ask me to stop one or two bars into whichever 80s rock ballad I attempt around the house.

I am so pleased to be a small part of The Choir with No Name. It is so clearly such a force for good in the community...

CWNN has always been a source of inspiration and joy for me, first as an audience member, then as a volunteer, and then finally as a director of one of the choirs.

When I heard about The Choir With No Name I was impressed by the clarity and simplicity of vision of Marie and her team. 

I grew up in Liverpool, and first heard of The Choir with No Name after seeing the Liverpool choir perform at Light Night in the city several years ago.

Sir David Bell

We are very proud to count among the charity's friends Sir David and Lady (Primrose) Bell.