Our artistic vision



At the Choir with No Name we love quirky, uplifting music.  We sing pop, soul, rock and indie (with the occasional foray into musicals, gospel, dance, etc) from the 50s to now; our influences range from Aretha to Abba, from Bowie to Britney and from Lulu to Lizzo.  We love music that makes you feel good; that when you open your heart and sing it gives you a sense of release, of relief, of unadulterated joy.  This music feels like belonging; to many of us it feels like home.  We tap into the nostalgia that we feel when we hear a song we love.  But we love to surprise our audiences with quirky choices too; we want to avoid being predictable or clichéd.

It’s important to us that we share our uplifting message.  Feeling low?  We can help!  Our gigs are some of the most fun you can have and their raucous joyfulness and uplifting feel challenge audiences’ expectations.  Homelessness may be a serious issue, and our music helps our choir members to achieve serious changes in their lives, but that doesn’t mean we need to take ourselves too seriously.  We believe in getting our audiences 100% involved; up on their feet, dancing and singing; and in breaking down barriers between audience and performers we break down barriers between people with experience of homelessness and those without.  We are all just sopranos, altos, tenors, basses.  We are all just people who love to sing their hearts out.