We're looking for a communications volunteer

Volunteer - or volunteers - wanted!

We’re hoping to find a volunteer – or volunteers – to help us with our communications work for a few hours per week over the next few months (very flexible). The volunteer(s) would be working closely with Alison, our Fundraising and Communications Officer.

Here's what we need help with:

  • Video-making. We’d love someone who is willing and able to shoot and edit together video footage of Choir with No Name rehearsals, gigs, etc. This could potentially develop into a regular ‘video diary’ about CWNN.
  • Creating audio slideshows of old radio interviews. We have old audio tracks of CWNN members being interviewed on the radio, and we’d like to get these online via YouTube (with a simple image or two as the visual element).
  • Assist in devising a strategy for making best use of YouTube – we can look at (and set goals for) the number of subscribers, the type of content of our videos, how often we upload new video content, etc. Bright ideas are wanted and welcomed!
  • Helping to sort out our photo library. This would involve looking through a large collection of photos and working with CWNN staff to choose the most useful ones, some image cropping/editing, and filing all the photos in the right places.
  • Compiling a list of potential media contacts. This would involve looking through newspapers and doing online research to identify journalists, commentators and bloggers who you think would be interested in writing stories about CWNN. It would be a great help in the run-up to our Christmas gig, for example.
  • Updating the "Meet Us" section of our website.  This would involve attending rehearsals to interview our members, and then writing up their story (with their approval) to keep our website up to date, and posting to the website.  

The right person for the role will need to have access to the relevant software and equipment, and the ability to use it! Note: we could potentially provide access to Photoshop Elements on one of our office computers. It would also help a lot if you were based in London, although that isn't essential.  If you're after a career in charity communications this could be just the role for you!

There would be opportunities to get involved in volunteering in other areas too e.g. fundraising, if that is of interest.

If you think you would like to volunteer doing any or all of the tasks above, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Contact Alison by email or phone: 020 7202 6648.