CWNN London is looking for a brilliant new partner!

We're looking for a dynamic organisation that shares our values of Fun, Family, Inclusion and Integrity to partner with us to deliver our London choir.  How the partnership could work is very much open for discussion!  There are lots of ways for you to partner with us, from offering traditional funding to employing one of the team, to providing something tangible like a rehearsal space - or even something totally different that we've not thought of yet. Whatever you can offer, if you're excited about what we're doing, and it would further your organisation’s aims to create lasting positive impact for Londoners with lived experience of homelessness, then we want to hear from you!

CWNN London was our very first choir, founded in 2008, and they still rehearse together weekly, 48 weeks of the year and (when it's safe to do so) perform regularly at venues ranging from local homelessness services to the Royal Festival Hall. 

It is an exciting to time to join the CWNN family. We have recently launched our new 2021-24 strategy, with a focus on co-production, and the coming post-covid years will bring new prospects for organisations who provide opportunities to improve mental health and wellbeing. 

We know that collaborating with like-minded people makes our choirs and the communities they bring together even stronger. So, for the right organisation this partnership will be an awesome chance to ally with an established charity, delivering important and unique services, with a proven track record within the homelessness and arts sectors. 

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