Introducing our new 2021-24 strategy...

If there’s anything the last year has reaffirmed for all of us at The Choir with No Name, it’s that our choirs are so much more than just groups of people singing together. Over lockdown we have become digital skills instructors, food deliverers, healthy eating advisers and Covid-guideline interpreters, but most importantly we have been a family where a traditional one may not exist.

So, as we start to look beyond Covid-19 we are launching a brand-new strategy to guide us through the next three years. We want to expand our choirs to reach more people affected by homelessness, in more innovative, empowering and inclusive ways. We plan to continue to do what we do best; establishing joyful singing communities, but we will be more collaborative than ever, with members having more control over the running of their choirs. We plan to launch a new mixed community choir model in smaller towns across the UK, working with homeless sector partners. These choirs will bring people both with and without experience of homelessness together, so that communities can become more cohesive and choir members of all backgrounds can build more diverse social networks.

All of our work is underpinned by our vision, mission and values:

Our vision is that all people going through tough times find a place to sing their hearts out, among friends.

Our mission is to empower as many homeless and marginalised people as possible to showcase their talents, build personal resilience and positive, joyful singing communities. 

Our values remain centred around family, fun, inclusion and integrity. You can read more about our values here

We’re really excited to get started and hope that you will join us on this voyage of discovery over the next three years. You can read the strategy in full below:

Click here to download our strategic plan 2021-24