Birmingham choir member Andy reviews the Summer Spectacular gig!

One of the most important things for us as a choir is that we give our members a voice. And so, who better to review our gigs than our members? Our annual Birmingham Summer Spectacular gig was absolutely fantastic and here to tell us all about it is Birmingham choir member Andy…

‘….So once again the time has come, once again the people are coming, they are coming from far and from wide. They will come they say! They will come, they will come and they will be entertained, they will feel good about them selves and their friends and family. They will walk away from here with a glow and a happiness that they have had in the past before, they will feel and hear things that they have not felt for a while, and they will tell others. They will walk away and feel like they have been somewhere special, been part of something wonderful, and for that we thank you. We do this because we love to sing, and without everyone being here to share it it's just like Shakespeare’s actor that “Struts and frets his hour” And without all you wonderful people it would be like “Whispers upon the wind”

Sorry just wanted to say how I felt about this wonderful day. I know not what more I can say. This is such a fantastic event to be part of. To be able to be on stage in front of hundreds of paying people singing our hearts out, is such a magical experience. This is what I feel as a member of the CWNN. The whole day was a great event. From the moment that we arrived on a warm and sunny Brum day. We were looked after fantastically well by the MAC staff and all concerned. We got there in the afternoon, had a good couple of hours to sound check and to finalise our numbers. Also to get to sing with our wonderful special guests “The Ol’ Faithful” who are a fantastic Folk acoustic 3 piece that sang a few numbers before the Choir. Thanks gents.

We had a short and it seemed a very short break for dinner! (WooHoo) Fantastic pasta and a wonderful salad, If you know me than you will realise that salad is not often on my menu but it was wonderful with some great Muffinesque rolls. This is also a good time to be able to sit and share and be with all the members of this wonderful choir. And then on to the good part the singing....

We shared the stage with the “Ol’ Faithful” for there first 3 numbers, nice to sit and watch a wonderful band do their thing. Then as “Frankie says” we had to do it our way. It was a great evening a standing ovation and everyone seemed so happy to have been a part of this. Speaking to people who came during the interval and afterwards it's was very humbling that all you people came to see us CWNN and a few also came to see the “Ol’ Faithful” boys. People came because they had been before and had a great time, brought their friends and family along and told others.

One of the best comments that was said to me was, “I love it because no one minds that you sing along” Perhaps this is the way forward. Choir Karoke!’