Mike Gaylor - Treasurer

I have never been much of a singer, in fact my kids regularly ask me to stop one or two bars into whichever 80s rock ballad I attempt around the house.  That doesn’t stop me enjoying it, recognising the sheer joy that comes with belting something out. 

I was dumbstruck the first time I had the opportunity to attend a rehearsal to see that joy multiplied across a whole choir, and to feel the sense of family that existed amongst the members and volunteers. I was equally impressed in that first visit by the professionalism and dedication on show. Having now seen some gigs I start to understand just how brilliant the choir directors, musicians and choirs really are.

I am in awe of the whole team and really privileged to be able to contribute to safeguarding CWNN.  This is an exciting time for the choir and as it’s breadth of impact continues to grow. Ensuring that every single member’s experience continues to reflect our values is very much front of mind.

I am a Chartered Accountant and a Partner at EY, having spent 15 years working across different sectors and geographies, and bring these experiences to bear as the treasurer for CWNN.