Marie - chief executive

Hi, I'm Marie. I founded the Choir with No Name in March 2008, and have been running the organisation ever since.

I was working for St Mungo's, the homeless accommodation provider, at the time, and I was also a part-time choir director. When I first moved to London I joined a choir, and it totally set me up. I made some of my best friends (some of whom are trusty CWNN volunteers!) and I felt I had a place in the world. I set the Choir with No Name up with the dream that its members would find the same comfort, and then build their confidence enough to be able to move on with other aspects of life.  

I'm so proud of what we've achieved together since then. So many people have told us how important the choir's been for them. As I write we've just launched our 4th choir, and we're planning a new one each year, until we've taken over the world!  I feel privileged to still be on that journey, and to have met so many giving and generous choir members.  And I'm always humbled by the massive efforts of the volunteers, who basically keep the whole thing going.