We love our CWNN fleeces to pieces!

It might sound corny but the old phrase ‘what goes around comes around’ seemed to be a good place to start this little piece. On December 12th last year, our four choirs from Birmingham, London and Liverpool put on a stomping Christmas event at the Union Chapel (it was voted 5th best of all the amazing events there in 2014!) and a group of my friends came along, with many, many others to see a Choir with No Name gig for the very first time.

They were all bowled over and had the time of their lives, but none more than a friend called Kanan. She had also volunteered to make teas and coffees for us in the afternoon before the show and so she got to chat and laugh with our friendly members and volunteers. She absolutely loved the afternoon, the members and the show and asked what she could do in return.

Some members had recently approached me to ask if it was possible to have warm tops or jackets made for the choir with logos. This was so that they would look good and keep warm when travelling to gigs or, as often happens, when they have to wait around before or after performing - particularly when it is an outside event. I had racked my brain to think of where we might get that funding from.

Kanan didn’t need to be told twice! I thought she might make a donation towards the costs but within a few weeks fleeces had been made, logos embroidered on them and two other friends of hers – you know who you are, you lovely people – were persuaded to help with the costs.


Every choir member now has a warm CWNN fleece, they look great and we all love them. THANK YOU, we love our fleeces to pieces!

Make a donation here if you would like to help us raise funds for all our choirs to be kitted out.