The results are in

Each year we do a survey of all our choir members, to ask them a few questions about them and their experiences of being in a Choir with No Name. 

Drumroll... the 2014 results are in!! 

  • 98% of members say they have made friends since joining the choir
  • 95% feel their confidence has increased
  • 92% state they've developed at least one skill apart from singing (e.g. teamwork, tolerance, anger management, leadership)
  • and 76% reckon their singing has improved 

... which is fantastic.

And here are a couple of things people said about choir:

"Dinner is like a family meal. The choir helps me escape the real world for a while. I have gained a family here. I've enjoyed seeing the choir and individuals in it, grow as well as growing myself. Love it!" - Sam, North London choir member

"The choir is my lifeline. It gives me structure and something to work and look forward to." - Germaine, South London choir member

"It is nice to see everyone talking/mixing and being kind and jolly with one another. Cheering any one up who may be depressed or unhappy." - Mrs Birmingham, Brum choir member

"We should do a tour around the world" - Maria, Liverpool choir member

Early next year, we'll be starting a brand new Choir with No Name in a new city, so more people who are homeless or struggling in life can experience the joy of singing together as a choir "family". Find out how you can help.