London choir members are working with a professional studio to record their music

Thomas, choir member, in the Endell Street Studio

Some of the Choir with No Name’s choir members in London have been involved in an exciting recording project partnering with our friends from St Mungo’s Broadway and their Endell Street Studio.

It all started with Ian, who’s the co-ordinator of our North London choir’s pilot ‘Moving on Up’ project. Ian is spending several months working with a number of the choir members to help them identify and pursue their dreams and goals. The pilot is going well so far and you can read about the first three months here.

Ian realised that several of the choir members were passionate about making their own music, and were just looking for a way of getting it recorded.

And at the same time, one particular member – Thomas (pictured above) – was hungry to develop his own recording studio skills.

So we’ve struck up a partnership with Matt Catlow, the in-house studio engineer at Endell Street Studio. Matt’s training up Thomas in professional studio techniques by working with him to record songs guesting Choir with No Name members.

South London choir members will soon be getting involved too, and it’s been fantastic to see everyone working together and supporting each other in such a positive project.

Have a listen to an example of what’s been achieved – David Keen singing his song ‘Media Hype’ with Thomas playing guitars and percussion (you might recognise the tune!).

Ian is over the moon with the progress made so far: 

“I am so thrilled that everyone has taken this project on with such passion and enthusiasm. It seems that Choir with No Name members simply love being creative and can’t resist being in front of the mic! It is such a buzz seeing people express themselves in this way and feeling good doing it.


Sometimes members can be quite nervous to start with but it never lasts long - Thomas is doing a great job listening to what the members want to record, then making the music happen for them. Everyone that has taken part so far has loved the experience and it is going from strength to strength so I’m very happy indeed.”

Endell Street Studio is a professional music studio set up by St Mungo’s Broadway, dedicated to supporting people who have experienced homelessness and enabling them to make music.

But it’s also available for paying commercial clients at very reasonable rates – so if you’re looking for a London recording studio, have a look at their website or contact Matt the studio engineer directly by email or on 07768 733 867.

Here's the last word from Matt himself:

“I have always been a huge fan of the Choir with No Name, and wanted to find a way we could collaborate in the long term. This project not only offers recording opportunities for choir members but also serves as a mentoring scheme. At the moment Thomas is using his musical talents to inspire and enable others to discover their creative potential.


The role of a music producer goes beyond musical talent and technical knowledge, it is the ability to create a relaxed and safe environment for artists to express themselves. Thomas is gaining valuable experience in this area and I’m sure he could have a bright future in music production training.”