Liverpool choir's first ever rehearsal

Choir posing for the camera

Our Liverpool choir kicked off with a bang this week, holding their first ever rehearsal on Wednesday night at the Bluecoat - featuring pizza, soul music and many giggles!

22 people squeezed into the rehearsal room at the Bluecoat, including 8 choir members and several volunteers, including one who had driven all the way from Cumbria to help out! (Here's a photo of them all - above.)

Choir director Meike Holzmann led everyone in some groovy warm ups and we rehearsed our first ever song as a choir: the Motown classic 'Stand by Me'.

We always share a hot dinner together after any Choir with No Name rehearsal. This week it was pizza (delicious); volunteers Erin and Maddy are lined up to cook something hot and yummy next week.  

We're looking for choir members! The choir is for anyone who has been, or is, homeless or struggling in life in another way. If you'd like to join, just come along on any Wednesday night at 7pm - we're at the Bluecoat in the city centre. You'll be really welcome. If you'd like more info, contact the choir manager Nick on 0758 571 0433 or drop him an email