LIVERPOOL: Becoming The People's Flag

It's undeniable, over the past couple of weeks Britian has, of course, been swept up in Eurovision fever, but none more so than the residents of Liverpool and, our very own Choir with No Name Liverpool got stuck right in! 

As the UK hosted the historic song contest on behalf of 2022's winners, Ukraine, our Liverpool choir performed at a variety of gigs and even in front of the Icelandic Eurovision hopeful, from the cancelled contest of 2020, Dadi Freyr, with our own rendition of Think About Things

But one of the most exciting, and perhaps emotional parts of our Eurovision involvement, was to be a part of the 1,000 volunteers who met up, rehearsed and created The People's flag. 

Here's a look at how we got invoveled in the creation of this mass participation event to honor Ukraine and welcome everyone to Eurovision's host city. 

And you can watch the final video of The People's Flag here