The Choir with No Name Liverpool take part in Eurofestival Liverpool 2023

The Choir with No Name Liverpool

This year our Liverpool choir couldn't be more proud to take part in their home city's Eurofestival Liverpool 2023 in the lead up to this year's Eurovision Song Contest. 

As well as recording this rendition of Daði Freyr's brilliantly catchy 'Think About Things', which was selected by Iceland to represent their country in the Eurovision that never was, back in 2020. However, the song (and it's music video) went on to viral fame after it's release online during the pandemic prompted countless copycat fan videos and an uptick in global sales of colourful 80s trackssuits! Hoorah! 

Our Liverpool choir have been busy getting involved in multiple commissions for Eurofestival, taking place May 1st - 14th this year - including the people's flag; a mass participation film designed to create a unique warm welcome to all Eurovision-comers... We can't say more than that just yet, but WATCH THIS SPACE! And, for now, enjoy our foot tapping, hip popping version of 'Think About Things' filmed by Jazamin Sinclair and with sound by Dan Thorne.