Here at the Choir with No Name we've been changing lives with music for the last 15 years.

Now, to honour our recent 15th birthday, we're asking you to get sponsored for doing 15... of anything to raise money for our incredible choirs and help us continue creating safe, fun, musical spaces involving people affected by homelessness and anyone going through a tough time.

YOU COULD DO ANYTHING (within reason!)

You could be sponsored to do something silly, fun or impressive and share your 15 challenge by tagging the Choir with No Name on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter with the hashtag #The15Challenge

For this challenge you could ask friends and family to sponsor you to stand on one leg for 15 minutes, hop around your garden 15 times, juggle 15 bananas, tap dance to 15 songs, swim 15 lengths at your local pool, run 15 miles, make 15 cakes and sell them to raise funds for our choirs or wear 15 jumpers to work - you decide!

Click the link below to join the challenge and start fundraising for the Choir with No Name.

Or, alternatively, scroll down and pick a specific choir you'd like to  fundraise for.


And don't forget to spread the word! 

Click here to download our official Choir with No Name digital assets and share them with your social media followers, to let them know that you're raising money for our choirs as part of #The15Challenge!

And if you need any tips for your fundraising jouney, click here or get in touch with us at info@choirwithnoname.org 

Choose the choir you want to fundraise for via the links below!