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Read on to learn how the Big Give Christmas Challenge works: 

(You can look out for 2024's Christmas challenge next November...)

The Big Give Christmas Challenge begins at midday on 28th November and will close at midday on the 5th December. Any donations made via our Big Give page during this time will be matched by the campaign, meaning your donation would be doubled. Plus, you can still add gift aid to the original donation amount! How's that for making the most out of your money?!

Our vision is that all people going through tough times find a place to sing their hearts out, beat loneliness, and build confidence and skills through singing. We address the most common reasons someone might find it difficult to move on from homelessness, such as social isolation, low confidence and lack of skills for work and life.

"The Choir with No Name has felt more like a family to me than ever and has helped me to get through and not feel alone and overwhelmed by everything that has been happening."

So, if you're keen to spread some Christmassy joy to our choirs via a donation, it would be fantastic if you could do it during the challenge week! Here's how your doubled donation could help:

The Big Give will match up to £5,000 during this campaign, which could mean a total of £10,000 to support our choirs. We would be over the moon if you could help us reach this target! We want to be there for people going through a tough time, so that they have the support and a safe, welcoming, inclusive community they need to get back on their feet.


"Since being in the choir I’ve managed to get through a difficult part of my life and now I feel able to say to others ‘this is what you can do, because this is what worked for me." 

Important things to remember:
  • Donations must be made between midday 28th Nov - midday 5th Dec.

  • Donations have to be made via our Big Give page.

Please note that only donations made through our Big Give page will be matched. Any donations made via our website or any other fundraising platform will NOT be matched.