Steve - head of programmes

Opening up your lungs and singing next to a friend or stranger can be the most cathartic and wonderful experience.  I’ve worked in the homeless sector for many years and seen the impact music and creative activities can have, and as a musician I feel it myself every time I play.  I love the fact that belting out a tune just brings people together, it’s common ground, that binds us all and sends joy off in every direction. 

Most of my experience working in homelessness services has been focusing on the things that make people feel human again.  Building trust and confidence between each other, doing something fun and giving back to others as well as accepting help; because sometimes we need it.  These are things we all do, but sometimes are neglected when people lose their homes and live through trauma.  I wanted to work with Choir With No Name because I’ve watched them for years do these things in shovel loads.  I’m therefore over the moon to work with our wonderful choir managers, directors, volunteers and of course choir members to bring the love of singing and community to as many as possible!