I’ve been attending choir for over four years. I think I was at SIFA Fireside and heard a member talking about the choir and I mentioned that I had sung in a choir in Swansea and it spiralled from there.

The choir means a lot to me. I will break a leg to be there on a Thursday night. I won’t miss it. Since I joined the choir I’ve met new people – an array of characters. It’s also a completely different style of singing to what I’m used to. Before I started with the choir I had sung in Phoenix male voice choir in Swansea for three years.

I keep coming to choir as it’s a social outlet. It is up there with playing football with the lads – although it’s much more enjoyable and you don’t get bruised as much! Singing makes me feel open, free and accomplished. Singing on your own is one thing but singing as part of a choir is unifying.

My favourite moment at choir was when I sang my first solo and didn't mess it up!