Iori - choir director (Cardiff)

My journey as a musician started way back in school when the only thing that would motivate me was singing. As a proud Welshman I took part in many Eisteddfod competitions/local choirs, and I was also part of many orchestras and bands as a drummer. When I was 17 I became a founding member of Only Boys Aloud, and we had some incredible experiences, including getting to the final, and coming third on Britain’s Got Talent!

I knew after that experience that this is what I wanted to do, and so I began to run my own choirs, mainly specialising in the field of Arts in Health - using music as a means to boost health and wellbeing. I now have 10 years experience in this field, and have first hand knowledge of the transformative power that a choir can have on people and the community. I absolutely love the relationship building, the fun, the silliness, but also the emotional, and sometimes sad bits that come with it. For me there’s nothing better than finishing a rehearsal and everyone leaving the room with a great big smile on their face.

Today I am very happy to call it my full time job, and I love what I do! I work for many organisations, specialising in music for wellbeing and younger generations. I also continue to play the drums a session musician, often appearing on TV. 

I’m delighted to be a part of the Choir With No Name Team, and would encourage anyone to come along to a session to try it!