Hayley - operations and communications officer

Hello, I’m Hayley. I joined the Choir with No Name in July 2019 to begin a part-time role fiddling around with social media and basically doing whatever Rachel tells me to… (It’s mostly things that fall under comms and ops so it’s all good.)

Before joining the Choir with No Name family I worked as a journalist in lifestyle magazines and events - but none quite as fun as a Choir with No Name gig! Now I juggle freelance copywriting, being a mum and lip syncing along with the choirs. I'm probably the only member of this team who can't sing.

I feel so lucky to work for an organisation as joyous and impactful as the Choir with No Name. I’ve fiddled around with social media and written copy for lots of different places before, but it’s really great to feel I’m now a small part of something that does a huge amount of good.