Ema - choir manager (Liverpool)

Hi, I’m Ema, and I began managing the Liverpool Choir in September 2014.   I saw the post advertised for a choir that not only rehearses every week and gigs all across the country, but also cooks a family meal each week for all our members to enjoy together, and I thought  ‘I can’t sing or cook, but that’s the job for me!’  Luckily for everyone involved my job is about things other than singing and cooking! 

It didn’t take long into the post to feel that what we have here is a family. I love spending time with our members and volunteers and seeing how something as simple as singing together can have such a fundamental effect on how people view themselves and how they approach life. 

My background is in running cross-art-form festivals and working in mental health and addiction rehabilitation projects. Some might say a strange mix of work, but my heart has always been in both the power of art to enlighten, express, celebrate and transform us and the need for informed, dedicated spaces for people’s recovery. 

I still do some festival work, and I run my own business as a recovery specialist with people rebuilding after life crisis.  The choir sits beautifully in the middle, and I pinch myself everyday just to make sure it’s real….