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Thanks for joining us! We're so excited to sing the soul classic 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' with you! 

Throughout lockdown we've been working hard to keep our choirs singing and our community strong. Although times have been tough, we truly believe there's 'no mountain high enough', 'no valley low enough' and yes, you’ve guessed it, 'no river wide enough' to keep us apart - and that includes you! So, since we love a good old singalong, we are inviting you to come together and sing with us.

Below are four singing tutorial videos designed to lead any Soprano (high), Alto (medium high), Tenor (medium low) or Bass (low) through the song. Pick the tutorial that feels right for your vocal range then sing your heart out with our splendid choir directors! There's also a video with all four choir directors singing the harmonies together to give you a feel for the entire song. 

Once you've nailed the song and you're dying to perform to someone other than your cat and your next-door neighbour, we'd love you to film yourself singing your part and to send the video to us by July 14th so we can edit it into a gorgeous collborative music video bringing you and our members together in perfect vocal harmony!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for tips on how to record yourself and details on how to submit your video.