Help change lives through music with #MUSICSAVEDME

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Music is an extraordinary thing. It can unite us, change us, save us.  At the Choir with No Name, we believe that singing your heart out, standing shoulder to shoulder with friends is as powerful as it gets, and is what transforms the lives of over 500 people affected by homelessness who sing with our choirs every year.

This is what #MUSICSAVEDME is all about!

We’ve all got that one life saver track in our lives. Whether dancing to Boogie Wonderland got you through your break-up or singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of your voice chases your demons away, we want to hear about it!

Whatever the song, album, gig or artist, let us know about your #musicsavedme moments on social media, include
Text SING to 70300 to give £3 & nominate your friends to do the same.

Let them know you have helped change lives with music.

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Listen to our Spotify playlist of your #musicsavedme suggestions.

Here's a little bit about us...
Our choirs provide a welcoming place for people who’ve experienced homelessness, and others on the margins, enabling them to build up a support network often lacking in their lives, giving them the opportunity to sing together, grow in self-confidence and set themselves on the path to re-establishing their place in society. 

Watching the personal transformation from a choir member’s first rehearsal to their first performance, to their first solo is extraordinary, and music is the tool that makes it all possible. Read more about us HERE.

Click on the photos to read about how our choirs have helped members Mina and Adel: