Harriet - operations and communications officer

Before joining CWNN in June 2021, I worked in events, music venues and theatres - basically anywhere that meant I could be surrounded by live music and performances at work! Now, working for CWNN, you’ll find me creating content for social, newsletters for our supporters and helping out with the operations. The really good news is that I still get to see amazing performances at work, thanks to our choirs!

I’ve always been interested in way in which singing and wellbeing go hand in hand - I would come away from singing rehearsals and choir practices feeling pretty incredible, realising how something so simple could have had such a huge effect on every area of my life. So, I’m a firm believer that everyone should have the opportunity to sing and gain all its extraordinary benefits. It’s such an honor to work for CWNN, an organisation that puts this at the heart of all they do.