Alexia Murphy - Chair of Trustees

Currently the Executive Director of Operations at Depaul UK, I am privileged to have worked for a number of homelessness charities over the past 25 years, during which time I have certainly seen the rise, fall and rise again of the most visible form of homelessness – rough sleeping. I have never lost my passion for trying to find new ways of supporting people out of and away from homelessness and influencing the way the our successive governments deals with the causes and consequences of homelessness. But it is a tough environment for those who are pushed out to the margins of our society through poverty and homelessness as the holes in the historical support network of the welfare state get bigger,and more people fall through.

Charities like The Choir With No Name are increasingly providing the opportunities for friendship, support and even the basics like sharing a hot meal.  I have known Marie since the idea of a homelessness choir was still an aspiration, and now - ten years later - I am a Trustee on the Board of a successful, thriving charity providing opportunities for people to sing their hearts out all around the country. I am particularly interested in how we hear the voice of choir members and volunteers, and incorporate their views into how we grow and develop as a charity to reach new people and communities.

A lifelong music lover, I play a number of instruments with various degrees of success – but I am more often to be found with my headphones on singing tunelessly – so my family say. Clearly in my head I am pitch perfect. A Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, volunteer with the local Scout pack and keen allotmenteer, I live in South East London with my partner, three sons and Battersea Rescue Cat Lenny.