Alex - choir manager (Brighton)

I believe more than words can explain that each and every human needs space to express themselves and explore their own unique creativity – and that creativity has the power not only to be empowering and life changing for individuals, but to create ripples that can change the world. So, when I heard Choir With No Name was coming to Brighton, I really didn’t have much choice – I had to be involved. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of it!

I’m an artist, storyteller, community events manager and social change activist. My work in the past decade has been focused very much on breaking down barriers to community participation through the arts. Currently when I’m not choiring, I direct a creative collective organizing pop-up outdoor events, festivals, drum circles and street parades. I also work with socially conscious organizations and community start-ups helping them create their purpose, vision and values. In short, I do a range of random seeming things that all feed into the bigger picture of positive social change.

I‘ve worked alongside many people from many different walks of life in my various projects, but have worked specifically with the homeless community in Brighton for five years now. One thing I’ve seen time and time again is that groups who create music and art together forge very special bonds and friendships, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that Choir With No Name is here to help facilitate that within our community.

I can’t wait to help get our choir up and running, rocking and rolling itself all over Brighton –spreading even more musicky goodness and positivity in our epic town!