Alan Jephcott - Trustee

I'm a fifth generation Coventrian with a passion for life and all things fun; I started working at 16 in housing on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) and have been doing so ever since.

What have I done? I've worked with all customer groups and generally love communicating with people. For 19 years I worked in maintenance with a variety of roles including planning, cyclical, re-let and major repairs contracts. I specialised in Older People's Services for 9 of those years.

Since then I've developed into being the conduit for customer engagement across all vulnerable groups (we all know what it's like to be vulnerable sometimes...) by delivering a number of creative initiatives.

My favourite moments include: seeing 90 year olds 'looping the loop' in an aircraft, enabling people with learning and physical disabilities to enjoy the thrill of climbing, and bringing together groups that would otherwise never get the chance to interact in a spirit of adventure and watching them develop into families.

Why the Choir with No Name? First, the ethos: the principles on which the charity was founded and continue to operate are close to my heart. Secondly, the music and the arrangements - the choir directors are true geniuses who are able to deliver creative arrangements which move the soul.

Finally and most importantly, the smiles! We live in tough times at the moment, and to see our choir members - who often face the toughest of challenges - having the most fun with the volunteers can't fail to keep me both motivated and energised.