Taking to the stage at the Young Vic Theatre

South London choir backstage at the Young Vic

Our South London choir recently took part in 'The Events' at the Young Vic theatre, a thought-provoking and challenging (and award-winning!) play written by playwright David Greig, put on by the Actors Touring Company and starring Neve McIntosh and Rudi Dharmalingham.

The play is built around its central character, Claire, who is a choir director, and has survived a horrific tragedy in which her choir is attacked by a gunman.

Each performance of the play stars a different community choir, and our South London choir took part on Tuesday 22nd October. Here's a photo of them backstage at the Young Vic (above).

It was a whole new challenge for the choir members, and one in which we keenly felt how lucky we are to have each other and the brilliant communities built around each of our choirs.

Marie, our charity's Director, says: "I was overwhelmed with pride at our South London choir's performance last night. It ranks in my Top 3 moments in Choir with No Name history. Our guys were all so focussed and so professional; they worked as a team and were truly part of the fabric of the play. They sounded absolutely beautiful too. It was a telling moment for me to realise that out of events so horrific as the ones the play discusses, the beauty of community and humanity can still shine through."

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