Shane's story


38-year-old Shane struggled with addiction and homelessness for many years. He turned his life around, is in recovery, and in this blog entry he talks about the effect that joining Choir with No Name had on him:

I would like to thank the Choir with No Name for making me feel loved and cared for this past 5 years.

My life has changed so much over the years while being under their cover of music and singing – from being homeless to living with addiction, it’s been a road I can look back on thankfully as today I’m in recovery and am a songwriter and singer in my own right.

These abilities come from finding the love of music in the Choir with No Name.

I was asked by Marie (the Choir with No Name’s founder/director) to be part of the BBC Lifeline Appeal (broadcast on 15th December 2013).  They came to see me in Weston-super-Mare, and they were so friendly and supportive to the max. I gave them an insight into my world trapped in the web of addiction and homelessness … all the way to becoming Shane Nolan, Songwriter and Singer. The filming was a great way of letting people know that you can change and move forward in life.  They filmed me in the studio singing one of my own songs, ‘White Light City’.

I thank everyone at the BBC and the Choir with No Name. Homelessness affects people when they least expect it. Keep warm this winter… and support the Choir with No Name this Christmas.

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Watch the Choir with No Name BBC Lifeline Appeal

The image we've chosen here is a photo of Shane (centre) during the choir’s 2010 album recording sessions.