North London helper Arthur reviews the London Big Summer Gig

Big thanks to Arthur, a helper and singing member from North London, who reviewed the recent Big Summer Gig at St James' Piccadilly for us.  Arthur will be raising money for the Choir with No Name in October by doing a sponsored lone walk in Italy called ‘Arthur’s Journey’.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates!  Here's what he had to say:

"Several of you asked me to let you know how The Big Summer Gig went at St James's, Piccadilly.   You also asked me to post it - so that I can practice my Facebook, email & general computer skills on you...  

My choir is for those on the margins of society and is a charity that does many gigs for other charities and good causes. This performance was one of only a couple a year that we do to raise funds for our own choir  (the other being The Christmas Gig at the Union Chapel).  
The evening was started, to a packed house, by a great set by our support act, the Shoreditch Pop Up Choir. Then we, the North London CWNN did our 3 songs, before the South London CWNN did their 3 songs.  Afterwards we joined joined together for the last few songs. We had a cool basic electric group backing us.  T'was FANTASTIC - with no glitches!
I was also asked, at the last moment, to give a brief explanation of the choir, its benefits for members and my part in it - which, surprisingly, was well received (& raised a few laughs too - ah, ha, did I really mean to...?) The audience joined in occasionally and the atmosphere was very hot - as well as the weather outside!  Afterwards some of the audience introduced themselves, including my old vicar, Tom Gillum, at St Jude's for many years, who now has a parish in the suburbs.  He also asked me to say "Hello" to his old colleagues from many, many years ago at Holy Trinity Brompton - including Nicky G. 
Everybody - the audience and all of us (the performers, volunteers & staff) left on a high - which is what it's all about......!!!"