A lovely evening with two Singingworks choirs in London. Singing works!

Last night our North London choir welcomed two outside choirs along to their weekly Monday night rehearsal, for an informal get-together and private concert. 

A bunch of choristers from the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane and the Savoy Hotel workplace choirs, whose members are drawn from the people who work at the hotels, came to meet our members and sing some songs.

The hotel choirs stood up together and seranaded us with a really moving version of the classic 'Moon River', then 'River' by Emily Sande. (That's them, in the picture above.)

Then it was the Choir with No Name's turn - we blasted them with Stevie Wonder's 'As', plus a tune we've been working on for an upcoming performance at the Young Vic as part of theatre production 'The Events'.

The hotel staff were nice enough to bring along some drinks and cake too, which went down a storm at dinner time!

Both the Hilton Hotel and the Savoy Hotel choirs are organised by our friends at Singingworks, a company which runs workplace choirs and sinigng teambuilding events. 

Afterwards, our choir manager Emma said, "This was a really nice opportunity for our choir members to meet other people who love to sing, share what they've been working on, and bond a bit over some cake too!" 

If you think your company might be interested in supporting the Choir with No Name in some way - it doesn't have to literally involve singing! - then we would be delighted to hear from you.