It's official: listening to music can make you feel powerful, say boffins

If you want to feel powerful, you gotta pump up that bassline! - according to a new study inSocial Psychological and Personality Science. 

The scientists discovered that listening to music with a Decibel-heavy bassline makes people feel more powerful. It even increased their level of abstract thinking (when you can "see the wood for the trees"), a sense of control, and their ability to take decisive action before others do.

Thanks to previous scientific research, we already know that music can lift people and transform their lives in all sorts of measurable ways - it's even been proven to reduce physical pain levels and other negative symptoms in people with serious illnesses.

In this new study, the scientists played people songs with the bass cranked up high - including We Will Rock You by Queen, Get Ready for This by 2 Unlimited, and In Da Club by 50 Cent - and found that the participants who listened to these tracks reported greater feelings of power and determination.  

In other words, music can have an incredible impact upon the way that people feel inside - and the way that they act, too.  


This isn't really a surprise to the Choir with No Name... because we already see music making a dramatic difference to people's lives when they join one of our choirs. So often, it's about people moving from a place in their lives where they feel powerless and defined by their situation to feeling more confident, empowered and in control. 

In the words of one choir member: "Everything I like about the choir, words can't express. I feel high, I feel natural, I can relax; I know the people around me have experienced homelessness. I'm not caged in."

Another choir member says, "I have been in the choir and it's made me feel better about myself. I've made lots of friends, they are family to me now. I've always loved singing but have never experienced singing like this before. It's wonderful. I believe our choir will make this world a better place."

Maybe you're reading this and thinking, 'How can I experience this for myself?' Well - you can!! Why not come to one of our gigs - or if you're a Londoner, sign up for our 'Come and Sing' Day on Saturday 4th October and enjoy the transformative power of singing first-hand...