Celebrities line up to sing in our '12 Days of Christmas' video!

Yes, you read that right. Actual Famous People are showing their support for the Choir with No Name this Christmas by singing for us on camera. This is pretty exciting!! 

Starting next weekend, we'll release a new video every day featuring a different celebrity singing a verse from the '12 Days of Christmas' - finishing on Christmas Eve with a fantastic film of the enitre song from start to finish, featuring all our famous friends.

Why? Well, the Choir with No Name is growing and blossoming all the time. We're starting a whole new choir in another city early next year... and we are running music workshops and recruiting new choir members in London, Birmingham and Liverpool week in, week out, helping more homeless and marginalised people than ever.

What this means practically speaking is that we need to fundraise for more money than ever before.

So this Christmas-time, we're launching a bit of a campaign alongside our 12 Days of Christmas film, to encourage people to text SING to 70300 to donate £3.

We'd absolutely LOVE everyone to tune in on December 13th to watch our first video. We won't tell you yet who the first famous person is... but to give you a clue, it's a woman, and her surname starts with an H!

You can keep track of all the excitement on our Facebook Page, our Twitter feed, or by subscriving to our YouTube channel

Nine days to go....