Can you help us?

We're going to cut to the chase - we need your help...

Life is unimaginably tough for people who are, or have been, homeless or vulnerably housed. You only have to walk down your nearest high street to see the shocking rise of rough sleeping in the UK in recent years, and the homelessness crisis is only set to get worse. With ongoing cuts to support services and benefits, our choirs are needed now more than ever.

And we need your help to keep our vital choirs going...

Will you support our choir members with a gift of £10?

Where homelessness strips people of their dignity, confidence and sense of self, we offer members a chance to feel human again, have fun and flourish as individuals. We give them a solid musical platform on which to rebuild their lives. Our choirs become their family, where a conventional one may not exist. 

Please give £10 today so that we can continue to be that family

Here's how your donation today can help us:

  • Just £9 provides a hot meal for one of our choir members at a weekly rehearsal for a whole month. 
  • £10 covers the cost of travel and food for a choir member on gig days, enabling our choirs to perform regularly throughout the year.
  • It costs each choir on average £57 per rehearsal to provide our members with a hot, nutritious dinner, often the only hot meal they get all week.
  • £150 allows one of our Choir Directors to run an outreach singing workshop to introduce those at risk of homelessness to our choirs.


Continuing to raise enough money to keep our choirs running is getting more and more challenging, but with your help, we can keep singing for many years to come

Thank you from all of us at the Choir with No Name