Our amazing All Together Now! 2017 fundraisers!

We have been utterly humbled by the energy, passion and generosity of all of the fabulous folk across the country who've come together to sing to change lives as part of All Together Now! 2017.  

Together we've raised £8,500 so far, which is enough to fund 3,812 hot meals for our choir members, or 57 outreach singing workshops for people at risk of homelessness. That's amazing.

With more and more people getting involved in the campaign every week, we wanted to show off our fabulous fundraisers, and say a huge thank you to each and everyone one of you who has sung, baked, busked and donated to help support our choirs for homeless and marginalised people.

HUGE Thanks to:

Saphia Crowther, Sam Chaplin, Hannah Brine, Joe Bunker, Kensington Singers, Barnes Community Choir, SingSWell Community Choir, ADHD, Dissenters, John Napier, Josh Herring, Single Mum, Kilbriege, The Strangest Feeling, Two Bob Ted, James Sills, Holt VIllage Voices, Wirral Grammer School for Girls Mixed Choir, The Wirral Singers, Platonix, Creative Community Choir, The Bebington Bitter Men, Real Voices Vauxhall, Real Voices Brixton, Susanne Clare, Retford Community Singers, Jo McAndrews, Stroud Song, Joyful Noise, Sing Tower Hamlets, The Petting Zoo Indie Pop Choir, John Workman, Bristol Man Chorus, Gurt Lush Choir, The Raff Pack, Riff Raff Choir, Amanda Cunoosamy & colleagues. 

Sing SWell Community Choir joined with South Mead and St Joseph's primary school choirs and raised £750!

Jo McAndrews and Stroud Song gave a special performance for our choirs members, and donated £500 to support our choirs:


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